Sunday, August 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Mya!
Today is Mya's first birthday, and what a wonderful one it's been! We celebrated with a big party yesterday, thank you to the many friends and family who made the day very special for us. Our sweet little girl is growing so fast! Mya liked her cake, although she didn't really dive in, she certainly enjoyed it! Most of Mya's family was able to be here (minus 3)... she sure loves her cousins! Between lots of kids running around and beautiful weather, we couldn't have had a better day. The excitement of opening gifts...I think all the other kids had more fun than Mya did! A surprise visit from the Hicks family! So good to see you!!!
Mya enjoying a new gift- thanks Josh & Anna!
Mya spent this week (at our "germ free" home instead of daycare) with Grandma Sawyer. Huge thanks to Mom for saving me, not only saved us in daycare bills for the week, she left us a clean house & laundry and helped with the set up & clean up for the party. Mya had a good time beating the heat with Grandma, even though it was tough for a few of the really hot days. I think they both enjoyed their time together! We decided to buy an air conditioner this week... I think it was the last one in the city of Lynnwood! Mya was really struggling with the heat, and we decided her little heart didn't need the additional stress. Not to mention, we're going to be spending a lot of time at home in August for her recovery, so the purchase was validated. You would think that this would have been a quick purchase, put it in the window turn it on and viola, a cooler room. Not for us. Rob spent 3 days on the project. It started with just finding the air conditioner (which he went to 3+ stores to get). He quickly realized that for the one he did get, we didn't have the correct outlet for it. After trying to come up with all the options, it was clear that he needed to install an outlet for it to work correctly. With the help of Gene Ross (what a sweet man!) and my brother, Mark, on 2:00am Wednesday morning we had cool air for our little one! They installed a 220 volt outlet in the fuse box and wired it into our loft. I love my diligent husband! Family Time... We got to spend time with my family this week, and we have a darling little nephew! He's four months old and cooing like a champ. Brittany helped with some party treats & the cousins loved playing with little Mya. Uncle Mark made Mya a toy box- it's awesome!!! It's always so much fun for us to get together!

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Suzanne Holling said...

Thanks for having us over, we had a blast! We love you tons and are excited to come stay soon.