Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall Changes We had a great weekend together, enjoying the fall weather. We took a walk along Lake Washington, we live in such a beautiful area! Mya really enjoyed the time outside and has taken to sucking on her fist in the past couple of days. The latest fun toy for Mya has been the introduction of the Bumbo seat. It holds her just perfectly right now, supporting her little neck and sitting her up to see everything around, her favorite. Daddy likes to pretend it's an airplane and fly her around the house. It's entertaining for all of us!
Our friend, Jesse, took some photos of Mya at 4 weeks old, you can check out her website of them at
We had the pleasure of having Natanya, Maureen & Dominic visit us as well this weekend, it was great to catch up! Maureen and I lived together about 8ish years ago (WOW!!!) in an apartment at Greenlake. Natanya and I work together, it was fun to see them both. Little Dominic is a busy guy who we just got to meet for the first time- it's been too long! I'm sure going to miss this time at home to catch up with friends and spend more time with our family!

Friday, September 26, 2008

2 Months Old Tomorrow Mya will be 2 months old, which means I only have 2 more weeks at home with her! I'm beginning to prepare mentally for life back at work. Please pray for our family, daycare time and for our transition! Meanwhile, I'm still enjoying daily photo opportunities. I'm sure we've taken more pictures of her than we have of anything else in the past year (even with building our house last year!!!).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Prayer Please!
Mya and I visited our friend Palak yesterday who's family is in need of prayer. She just delivered beautiful twin girls. She doesn't just need prayer because she's going to have to deal with TWO girls, but they are still in the hospital, and have diagnosed one of them with brain damage. Beacuse the babies are so small, they aren't sure the level of damage that has been done. The healthier one will be coming home in 2-3 days, but sister will continue to be monitored in the hospital. Palak just really wants her beautiful little girls to be okay. I'm sure she'd appreciate prayer for her physical healing as well, from a c-section delivery and for less lower back pain. Thank you!
Christi and Emily also joined us on our visit to Palak- we all work at REI, ride a van pool together and have had babies in the past 4 months. It's been fun sharing this time together, although our other van pool members are a bit scared to eat from the same candy box as the 3 of us!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Cooing Baby... We got to spend time with Rob's family yesterday, they came to visit and of course loved on little Miss Mya. For some reason people have a little more initiative to come and visit with this little girl around! She is definately loved by a lot of people. There was no shortage of arms to hold our little angel, between Grandma & Aunt Michelle, you have to get in line to get your Mya time. She is beginning to coo and smile, it's so sweet! We captured a little of it on the video below. The verdict is still out on the color of Mya's hair... it depends on the light, sometimes it looks brown, other days it is definitely red. I could all fall out and be blond too, we'll see! Any votes? Fall weather has certainly set in, it's much cooler and the rain has returned (big surprise, right?). I'm trying to get Mya into a few more of her summer dresses before we have to retire them due to needing long sleeves and tights. It's a little sad that she's only been able to wear a few of them 1-2 times, and by next year we'll possibly be passing them onto a cousin!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Heart Murmur Update
We went to Children's Hospital on Friday for a check up on Mya's heart murmur. Good news is that she is gaining weight, she's 10.3lbs! The hole hasn't gotten any bigger, but they still cannot see how much fluid is in her little lungs, so she's been put on a diahrretic to minimize the fluid that is currently there and will help her little breathing to be clearer. Thank you for continued prayer for our little one. We go back next Friday for another check-up, hopefully we'll know more at that time ant the visits will become less frequent at that time. Children's hospital- what a place. Be thankful if you've never had to visit, but what an amazing network of doctors, nurses and caretakers. Such wonderful people work there, we saw cars in the parking lot from across the country. We are so lucky to live so close for these check-ups. Mya is 6 weeks old, and is changing so much! This week she's fighting naps... it has to be something different each week to keep me on my toes! Luckily she is eating well though.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Special Request

Crazy how technology makes it easier to be 5 hours across the state or across the globe from family! Grandpa Sawyer requested a few more video clips, so Mya worked all morning on a few of the best grunts and noises to send to you with love!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ode to All Aunties
Being an Aunt must be the single best job that you never sign up for. You can buy all the unpractical items that the parents won't, in addition to loving on little ones when they are clean and happy, passing them off when they're not. What's better? We owe a special "I love you" from Mya to all of her wonderful Aunties. The list is pretty long, because we have several Great Greats. I'm pretty sure that puts them in a whole new classification to have dual "greats" before their name. I think that even trumps having a Dr. or Prof. prefix. The hardest part is being the "coolest" aunt, especially when you have some stiff competition like I do. Location determines a lot of this, so I've lost my cool edge with my neices and nephew. I've grown to be okay with not being the coolest, because now I am the aunt with a cousin (although not for long)! Luckily Mya hasn't formed any favorites and loves all of her Aunties equally!
  • In the Great Great Aunt classification (in alphabetical order), we have Betty, Darlene, Delores, Gloria, Roberta & Virginia.
  • In the Great Aunt category (did you realize you were here???), we have Becky, Janet, Judi, Kathleen, Teresa, and Tammie.
  • And for the singular Aunt-ship we have the wonderful Angela, Brittany, Michelle & Suzanne.
Thank you for being wonderful Aunties to Mya!!! Today she is sporting a "I Love my Auntie" onesie from Aunt Suz, but not out-do the one from Aunt Darlene that says "My Aunt Loves Me." And just so you don't think Mya doesn't work hard in front of the camera to get it just perfect in her modeling, see the out-takes below... it was a rough photo shoot!!!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fashion Photo Week I always wondered what at home Mom's did during all of their time... now I realize time is filled with feeding (a full time job literally- about 50+ hours a week during this young stage), bathing, changing diapers, and the most fun (if baby isn't screaming the whole time) dressing little one! We've been taking pictures this week of new outfits that were given to us. Mya is finally getting big enough to fit into the 0-3 month clothing, which brings to us an entirely new wardrobe from her newborn size! Things are still a little big, but I've had fun getting her dressed each morning! Outfits in these two photos were given to us by the Cuellar and Arceo families. Look for more fashionable favorites later this week!
Mya has finally started to sort of "like" taking baths. Prior to now it's been a major chore... but the little stinker is finally not screaming through the entire event, so we had to take a picture!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

4 Years Together
Last week Rob & I celebrated our 4th Anniversary. I am so thankful to have him in my life! He has been an amazing partner throughout, especially this past year of major changes- buying a house, getting out of most of our debt, and our pregnancy, I couldn't have done it without him! It's so wonderful to be married to my best friend! He's also a very patient Daddy, it's really fun to see him with our little one. We enjoyed dinner out at PF Changs, not too fancy, but it was nice to get out of the house and it's a great spot to bring Mya since it's really noisy!
Mya has started to smile more- amazing how rewarding that can be! I tried to get it on video below (I'll try to get a better video later!), please ignore my talking in the background! Uncle Mark & Aunt Brittany- she's finally a little bigger so she can fit into the dress you gave us! It's still pretty big, but praise God she is growing and is almost in 0-3 month clothing. She is sporting it today! I just found a baby picture of Rob (in the hat), I think Mya looks a little like her father... any objections???