Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prayer Please!
We just returned from our Memorial Day weekend, visiting my family.  We decided to make the trip (although something we swore we'd never do on a 3 day weekend again due to the awful traffic), mostly to visit with my Dad, who was just diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma Cancer.  That is cancer of the bone marrow.  It's been quite a shock for our family.  He is just finishing his 2nd week of chemotherapy, but is having a tough time with the dosage, as it's keeping him from eating and has wiped him out physically.  We would love your prayers, my Mom is keeping a blog of his current situation if you'd like to stay abreast of his recent status.
During our stay, we got to see all of our neices and nephews, never a dull moment when all 8 of the grand kids are around.  The girls LOVE their cousins, they are always so wiped out from a big weekend of playing and fun, it's time that we all cherish.  We are so amazingly blessed with our family!

9 Months
Our little Kylie has just turned 9 months old, and is a busy little baby.  She is very close to crawling, she rocks on her hands and knees, and rolls to get where she wants to go.  She's eating more foods, loving toys, but her very favorite thing is watching her big sister.  It is so much fun to watch them together!  Kylie's little giggle is darling, we all try to get her to do her little belly laugh, since it's so addictive.  She's so sweet.  Last night we went in for her well check, and she weighed in at a whopping 24 lbs (99%) and 29.5" (97%).  We grow them pretty big here!  She's a very healthy girl, and we couldn't be more thrilled with her sweet progression. 
We recently got a Strawberry Shortcake book that tells the story of Strawberry finding a nest with an egg in it.  She takes care of it by keeping it warm under a light, and then decides to take it to school for show and tell.  Once she gets to school, she opens the box to share with her class what she brought for her item, and the egg had hatched, and there was a baby bird to share.  She was "berry" excited!  However, she decided that the baby bird needed a Mommy, so she released it to the wild, where a Mommy found the bird right away.  Okay, I realize that I should read every book that I purchase (even from the thrift store)... as this one wasn't exactly sending the most nature friendly storyline.

Recently we found an empty bird nest outside our house on the ground.  Immediately Mya said, "We need to put the egg under a light!"  Thanks to Stawberry's teaching, it reminded me quickly of my own childhood memory of the same situation.  I remember very clearly finding a nest with a blue robins egg when I was young.  I of course put it under my desk light with a thermometer to make sure it was warm enough.  For some reason I didn't need Strawberry's poor example to execute the same situation myself.  Needless to say, the light was not exactly a "warming" light.  I cooked the crap out of that little egg... and broke the thermometer due to the high heat.  Luckily I didn't burn our house down & get mercury poisoning in the mean time! 

I just went back outside tonight to look at the nest and found an egg there.  I'm a little afraid for my daughter to find it, thanks to the poor teaching by Strawberry!!!  We might as well scramble the thing tomorrow for breakfast!  We don't need our place to be burned down!  Amazing how we tend to all do the same things.  I love seeing what our little girls do, as it reminds me often of my own childhood memories.  What a blessing to be a parent!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vacation to Paradise! 

We just returned from a wonderful 10 day vacation to Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  We had such a fun time, just hanging out with our girls.  Vacation agendas have changed pretty dramatically for us adding another little one to our brood, but we had a great time hanging out at an all-inclusive resort right on the Caribbean.  That turquoise water is addictive!  We swam, played on the beach and ate... pretty simple, but just what we all needed as a break away.  Kylie got to experience the beach for the first time, and loved it!  Mya likes both pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris- she's not picky.  Rob got a little time to lay in the sun, and I didn't get burned!

This is 1/4 monkeys we saw in some trees

Playa del Carmen