Sunday, September 10, 2006

Aloha! We just returned from a wonderful vacation to Maui. We were able to enjoy our time with four other friends. Check out the places we were able to visit! Andrea & I enjoyed a pineapple tour where we scored on a dozen sweet pineapples! We all chose to go parasailing- it's not as scary as it may look! We did get dipped into the water though for a salt bath! Rob & I celebrated our 2nd anniversary on the island. We also enjoyed a day of driving the perimeter of the island to see the diverse land of Hawaii. We went through a rainforest, jungle and then desert, all equally beautiful. This was our favorite waterfall and pool on our trip to Hana. What a beautiful area it is! We enjoyed our trip with two other couples (from L to R), Lindsey & Matt Cuellear, Bryan & Andrea Cox. It was great to have fun with friends!