Friday, May 22, 2009

We Need Your Prayers!Today we went to Mya's cardiologist appointment assuming it was going to be a routine check up for her heart murmur. Rob picked up Mya from daycare & I met them at Children's Hospital from work. Since it was a "normal" thing, Rob even decided to leave us there, so he could get back to work (we'd both been out 2x this week due to her being sick). After the echo cardiogram, our Cardiologist informed me that there is a change in her heart from what they've seen previously that either developed in the past 3 months (since she was checked last) or hasn't been as visible until now due to her size. Apparently this change is concerning enough that she thinks Mya is going to need to have open heart surgery. Mya has a ventricular septal defect (heart murmur) which is a hole in her heart that is causing blood to move in the wrong spots/directions. Originally we understood that one valve had the opportunity to close it off, and she'd possibly "grow" out of the issue. However, today it was identified that the hole is forcing blood to flow in the opposite direction of another valve, a more important one... now affecting two valves. Surgery is needed to patch the valve to keep the blood flowing in the right directions. Not very technical I know, but I had a lot to take in on my own!!! Rob was so disappointed that he missed the appointment, neither of us expected this outcome! Mya had been previously taken off of her medication and everything was seemingly better. Anyway, due to a wiggly little almost 10 month old trying to help the stenographer do her echo cardiogram (ultra sound), they didn't get as accurate of a read on her heart as they would like to have for an official decision on surgery. We go back in 2 weeks for her to be sedated for another echo cardiogram to make the final decision. The surgery (if needed) would need to be done in the next 3 months (we have a little bit of wiggle room for personal scheduling), but will have a 7-10 day recovery in the hospital alone. After lots of tears, phone calls and prayers today we would really like to ask for your prayers for our little sweet angel. It's incredibly overwhelming, but we have already been give a lot of emotional/prayer support by friends and family. We are so blessed to have the close access to Children's Hospital and this surgery is rated as being highly successful with a "near-zero" percent mortality rate. The team we've worked with is amazing- we are so grateful that this has been caught so early. We were just discussing how lucky we are to have such a quick decision unlike an unknown disease that takes years to treat. She should recover from this and be a normal kid, able to run and play sports without any problems.
We appreciate your thoughts & prayers!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Zoo Time Our friend Jackie went into labor on Sunday, so we had the pleasure of hanging out with their little Sophia for the day! She was a lot of fun, we played outside a lot (it was such a beautiful day) and then decided to go to the zoo with both Mya and Sophia. I was so thankful to not be the one in labor!!! Mya's favorite animal was the elephant, she woudn't take her eyes off of them! Sophia liked the monkeys. Pretty fun to have two little sweet girls with us.
Who knew the new hang out for us & our good frinds would be at the zoo? Carter & Elliott were there we also saw little Stella to!
Buried in Laundry...

Mya is now mobile. Her favorite song is "If you're happy & you know it." For some reason it cures many tears.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mothers Day
For my first mother's day this year we went with the Cox family to Flower World. We got a bunch of plants for my flower beds, it was a nice time together. One other Monther's Day surprise was at 9.5 months old, miss Mya started crawling. She's not that confident yet, but she can do it. The following day I headed to Southern California for a 3 day business trip, I'm glad to see the weekend to get a little sleep and to refuel.
Mya playing on her new car given to her by one of my co-workers. Thanks Kellen for passing it on!
Carter joined us on our trip to Flower World.
Our tall girl, growing up so fast.

After 4 1/2 months of a nasty runny nose and cough... I think we're FINALLY seeing the end of it for our little miss. We've had to use the nebulizer 3x/day to get some medicine into her lungs to relax the cough. Thank God for Baby Einstein DVD's... this process isn't very fun and the DVD certianly keeps her focused a little better than without. We're headed to Children's Hospital again next Friday to see her cardiologist, we're praying for continued improvement in her heart murmur!

Mya helping with laundry.