Friday, August 07, 2009

Another Big Day for Mya
Mya had a good night, she's moving a lot now. We were under the impression that she'd be sedated until surgery, but she's currently on morphine and one other drug, which allows her to move more, so she's not totally "under." While it's good to see her little wiggles, it's hard to see the painful wincing from her face. Last night she was really active, so much that she tried to pull out her breathing tube at one point. The nurse caught her, but said that it is a positive reaction, since that's what she should want to do! She also opened her eyes to see Rob, much wider than she had during the day. I ended up going home yesterday for the first time, to get more clothes and a few other things we forgot to pack. It was great to find a gift from all of my co-workers at REI hanging on our front door. Thank you all very much for the very generous gift. We've also been blessed by many other people with food and gifts. Thank you! Assuming everything goes as planned, we're going to lose the ECMO machine & the managing nurse today, as Mya will be taken off of it during surgery. HOORAY!!! That is a big step! She's seemingly really strong right now and all signs look very positive for her surgery today. We hope to have her off the breathing tube soon after surgery, then she'll be a little more comfortable. From this point, we are looking to be out of ICU in the next couple of days. While I look forward to being out of ICU, there is comfort in having 2 highly trained nurses with eyes on her 24 hours a day. I'm pretty sure Rob & I will have to start "working" more once we get to the main floor, watching her closer. Right now we're able to enjoy our time with her and come and go when we need to. HOWEVER, we'll take it! Leaving here means that she's progressing positively and getting out of the hospital after today will be the main objective for all. I'm assuming my blog posts will be fewer at that time since she'll require more of our focus.


Christi said...

I know this is so hard for you, Julie. You are doing an amazing job! And another positive thing - Mya will not remember ANY of this when she's older! Keep up the great work, Mom.

jenni said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. Our prayers continue.

Suzanne Holling said...

God, please guide the dr's hands today as they hook Mya up to everything, and perform surgery. Please comfort Julie and Rob as they wait patiently for results from Surgery and may they be joyous results. Protect Mya's little body and her heart and help her heal quickly and come home free from and brain damage. We love you and thank you for all you have already done.

In your name,

Patti said...

Best wishes for the procedure today and the following recovery. I know this is a most difficult time and we are all thinking and praying for you constantly.

Patti, Bob and extended family