Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holiday Traditions
Today we went with our wonderful friends to get our Christmas tree. Although it wasn't snow falling from the sky, we had a great time picking out the perfect one. We did the same thing last year with Chris, Danielle and Emma. We also enjoyed lunch out together. Mya was a total trooper, didn't even make a peep- she had a nice time! The rest of our day consisted of pulling out decorations, listening to Christmas music while figuring out how many more lights we need to buy! I'm so excited for Mya's first Christmas holiday. So many memories and fun times to be had!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from the Tiegs Family!
We had a nice Thanksgiving Day today, with Rob's family and several friends. Mya was so into the "party" she didn't want to take a nap and miss out on the fun. She also met Mango, the dog, and enjoyed thanksgiving dinner in her little chair just watching. Thanks to the Towery's for the great little booster seat, it was her first time using it today! There wasn't a shortage of arms to hold Mya... she didn't exactly have to play on her own today! We are very thankful for the amazing family and friends we have, we are so blessed. We had a delicious feast, many reasons to be thankful for the bountiful food we are provided every day.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A fun weekend at Home
We had a nice weekend together, we took Mya to her first Hockey game. We saw the Seattle Thunderbirds beat the Portland Winterhawks. She was such a trooper! It got really loud, but she was just fine with checking everything out! We had a really good time with her. She's also graduated to a bigger blow-up duckie bath tub... she started to get too long for the other one. Thanks to Bonnie and Brian Hertzog for the fun tub!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Time with Auntie Ang My sister Angela came over to visit- bringing 5 friends for a scrapbook convention. We didn't get a lot of time together, but what we got was great! Our time did include a photo shoot- see a few of what Ang took below. They all got some good stuff at the convention- I was quick to inquire about everything they learned! I've now been back to work for 6 weeks- amazing how quickly it's gone. Things are going well at work, I've changed positions and am really enjoying the new challenges my job brings. I don't have enough time at home or at work these days!
Mya is more fun than ever, she's giggling more, beginning to grab toys and everything goes to her mouth. She's a few weeks shy of 4 months old. She is starting to move into yet another wardrobe... beginning to fit into 3-6 month clothing. With it brings more photo opportunities! Thanks to the Richards family for the cute little lavendar dress below and to the Mullet family for the little lamb outfit.
Thank you for your prayers... a few posts back I was asking for prayer for a fever I had. It lasted almost 3 weeks, all because I wasn't taking my vitamins! I started taking them again, eating more and drinking a lot more water and it quit within a day. Little miss is sucking me dry of my nutrients. Anyway- I appreciate the thoughts and prayers.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A November Day With Mya

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Family Time My parents came to visit us this weekend, we had a great time together and playing with Miss Mya. We got her 3 month photos taken, otherwise we just hung out together playing and trying to make her smile. We got the great news that my cousin, Joe, just had his 2nd little one, welcome to the world Mary Margaret! Grandpa also had fun reading "A Monster at the End of this Book" to Mya, one of my growing up favorites. Last weekend we hosted Aunt Suz and Uncle Jake, pictures of their visit below. Friday we went to Children's Hospital again, and Mya's heart murmur has changed a little (for the positive), so we go back again in a month for another check up. Thank you for your continued prayer- we're still praying she'll grow out of it... more to come in a few more months. We got to communicate with our family via Skype this weekend, what a cool thing! Mark & Brittany got to see Mya over a web cam (they're in Saipan for the year)- it was pretty close to actually meeting her! All the cousins in Pullman got to see Mya too, it was a treat to see everyone as we talked. We're looking forward to a visit from Aunt Angela this week- 3 weekends in a row of Sawyer family visitors, it's great!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy Halloween! Our little giraffe spent most of her first halloween night caged up in her crib... she didn't make it very long into her evening. I'm sure we'll have a few more years to get in on it! She has been the sweetest little baby. I think the best investment we ever made was putting a celing fan in our bedroom, that continues to cheer her up with a big gummy smile every time we go into our room. She's also been chewing on her hands... a lot. Time for teeth and for the rest of her little world to go in there too! It's coming! She's talking a lot too, it's so sweet. Every time we pull out the camera to catch it, she becomes interested in it and quiets down. We'll get her one of these days! She's been eating and sleeping much better. I'm glad to be to the 3 month mark! We've had a fun weekend, Rob's Birthday was yesterday- I'm sure glad I'm not as old as he is. Aunt Suz & Uncle Jake came over for the weekend too, it's been really fun to pass on all of my maternity clothes to her! I'm very excited to have a little nephew on the way. We had a nice Saturday together at home, but the real birthday celebration is today at the Seahawks game with Suz and Jake. Rob has the camera there, so I'll have to add more photos when he gets back! I would like some prayer- I've had a fever (around 100) every day for the past two and a half weeks. I think it's due to going back to work and pumping so much to feed Mya. I'm trying really hard to eat and drink enough to replace all the nutrients and fluids that I'm pumping out, but it's becoming a real challenge. The hardest part is that it is keeping me up for 1-2 hours a night, just when Mya is beginning to sleep more, I can't! I appreciate it!