Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Much better day!
Finally I got a few advocates for our opinion on Mya's pain meds... we now have a plan to wean her off of the high dosages that Rob & I agree with. The original plan was going to take a really long time (literally 3+ months) and had some adjustment times that gave her really high dosages mid way through that we thought would only make her crash. It took several conversations and a lot of different people, but we are finally all in agreement with the plan going forward. In the mean time, the reduction to 10 from 12 of her dosages have been a really positive step. She's been more "with it" when she has been awake, and she's been up longer. I wrote my blog posting yesterday at a very frustrated state, but she woke up that evening and was a very normal little Mya. She's sitting on her own finally and was trying to pull her self up in her crib yesterday. So great to see. Another reason we've been kept here longer is because of her junky sounding breathing. She has a lot of mucus stuck in her throat, and it's an area that could contract an infection. Usually she could cough it up, but since she's been on these meds, they seem to be acting as a cough suppressant, keeping it all in her chest. The bad part is that she may have an infection- she coughed up a lot of junk yesterday and was a color that they were concerned with. While I don't think it's anything to worry about, they put us in isolation. HOORAY!!! We now have our own room! I haven't slept better (while in the hospital) in over a week!

My brother Mark joined us for dinner last night, we went to our new favorite calzone place here in the U-district. Delicious food... and outside of the hospital! He's flying back to Saipan this morning to teach another year of school. It was nice to see him prior to being gone for so long! We're going to miss him (and his wife, Brittany who is already there), but Brittany he got to the airport on time today! He should be on his way! Thank you for your comments on my bummer day yesterday- we are so thrilled to be this far in her recovery. The original pain plan made the road seem much longer than the new plan so I've got a lot more hope to be back to normal soon! Today marks week 3 in our journey, 3rd week's a charm???


Maureen said...

So good to talk to you today. I'm assuming that calzone place you're talking about is Varlamos? That's where Tim and I went on our first date! LOVE that place, even though I can't enjoy their calzones anymore.

Kathy said...

i posted my long comment on facebook but still praying for you guys! You're doing amazing, hang in there!

Michelle said...

She looks so good! It's funny to watch that video and see how much she wants to pull herself up to standing. She's such a trooper. Can't wait to read the blog that says you are going home!!

Chris and Britt said...

Glad that you are back on a high note after the hard day yesterday. You and Rob are SO GOOD to advocate for Mya and voice your concerns. She is a blessed little girl to have such wonderful parents.

We are still praying for you all to be home SOON!

Mark & Brittany Sawyer said...

Hi family! Thanks for taking care of Mark in the midst of this all =) We love you three soooo much and are praying for you each and every day. Kiss Mya for us! See you in 10 months!

Aunt Brittany

Carissalayla said...

great to see her sitiing up!