Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mya's Firsts...

About a month ago Mya said her first word, "Hi!" Now she's the official greeter at daycare. She's a pro at waving and saying Hi, however it's only on her terms! She's cutting her first molars, not a lot of fun from our side, but she's got a mouth full of teeth. She stood by herself for the first time on Saturday, but the biggest first happened yesterday, she took her first 5 steps! Rob and I tried to get her to do it over and over after it happened... just like our little doll! We're still working on it, she needs a few more days of practice before she feels comfortable being on camera with her new trick. She is so sweet these days, just see for yourself!





Suzanne Holling said...

YAY MYA!!!!!

Carissalayla said...

wow, a lot can happen in a week! first steps are so cute-