Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Time of Healing
Mya has had a great 24 hours. The nurses have finally got her to a good level of comfort with her cocktail of meds. She's been having a fever off and on for a couple of days, but othewise, her "stats" look really good. Today she's suprisingly more alert and awake than we expected- possibly because she's gaining more of a tolorance to the drugs she's on, which will be harder to come off of due to the duration of our stay. However, she's so sweet in her silent way, raising her legs in the air, kicking her feet and looking around, she seems to be pretty content. Here is a picture of her new incision (with the yucky drainage tube still in). This time they had to put stitches on the outside because she had a slight infection in the original incision. Not as pretty for sure, but we'll take it for a healthy heart! Tomorrow is the day of our heart cath test, a pivotal decision day. We're praying that the surgery did everything that it was intended to do, and they'll be watching the blood flow through her heart. We pray that everything goes as expected (although with Mya's history here, we should learn not to expect the normal outcome!) so she can get the breathing and chest tubes out. Our friend Noelle was moved out of ICU today to the "main floor," we're so thankful for that! It's a real blessing for kids to be able to be moved out of here!


Hilty Sprouts! said...

She's doing so well! It's great to see her playing in the video! I'll be praying for a good result in the cath lab! Thanks for the visit tonight. It's so fun to have a little room party!


Carissalayla said...

Wow, Mya looks great considering all that she has been through the last 2 weeks! You guys are doing great!

RADAR said...

Dear Rob, Julie and Mya,
Miss April and her family have been praying for you all! Miss April sends hugs and kisses to mya and says Hi.
We have been keeping up on your posts and hope and pray for mya's healthy full recovery.
Miss April and Family
(Comfreek is April's son Allen)

Theresa Gibson said...

How wonderful to see her moving around with her pillow (it's almost as big as she is!). So happy to see progress for you!