Friday, January 29, 2010

Decorating Valentine Cookies
Tonight while the Dads went out for wings and beer, the Moms and kids were at our house for dinner, a movie and decorating Valentine cookies! Holidays are so much better with kids around! Poor Rob, it takes a lot for me to make him cookies, but for the kids? No problem! Regardless, we had a great time tonight with Carter, Elliott and Andrea. The above cookies were decorated by Carter. One was made specially for his Daddy to take home, pretty sweet. Bryan, I hope you like sprinkles! Mya had a great time with visitors over. It's amazing how sweet kids are to one another, they were so gentile with her!
I think this is one of those things I said I wouldn't do... allowing my daughter to eat a bunch of frosting and cookies before the age of 2! Who can resist when it's enjoyed so much?
Elliott got some frosting on his cookie...
Carter with his finished cookie masterpieces.
Thanks for coming over!!! Dad's have to go out more often!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mya's current favorite past time... reading books.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Good news for Mya's heart, things are looking pretty good. It isn't totally normal, but as of Friday we are able to wait 3 months until our next cardiologist appointment. This is the longest time away we've had in 1 year. Hooray! We continue to pray that it'll get back to a normal kid's function soon so we don't have to put her on a blood pressure medication. Rob & I have decided to get back into running after taking a 2 year siesta. We've signed up for a 5K and a 1/2 marathon this spring. Its been nice to get outside and start training again! My job has finally chilled out so that I'm able to work out on my lunch, and Rob is doing the same. We're looking forward to training together- as a family! I just have to get our flat tire fixed on the stroller, and we'll be set to run together on the weekends. Its a great way to spend time together and to not spend money!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

The joys of a 17 month old
I don't know if God is giving us a break from the chaos of the last year or if he doesn't think we can't handle anything more, but I think we have the sweetest little girl around. She is so good, we're having a great time with her right now. It may be a stage and the terrible twos are just around the corner, but until then we'll enjoy what a wonderful child we've been given. Right now Mya seems to learn a word a day (from what we know), she's mimicking everything, and is full of her own little perosnality. She listens really well, cleans up without a fit, goes to nap time and bed without crying and pretty much complies with most requests. I love this kid! She's really good at animal sounds right now, I think the cutest ones are her elephant & fish sounds. I really need to capture them on video! A favorite new inheritance is her kitchen and food that were given to us by my co-worker Kim, and some pots, pans and food were contributed by her cousins. She's doing great with pretending and playing with the new toys, it's so sweet! What a blessing she continues to be to our family.
Daddy & Mya chillin on the floor... Our little chef...
Snuggle time

Monday, January 04, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...a Bit Late!
We enjoyed spending time with both of our families over the past couple of weeks. Here are a few photos of our fun! We got to enjoy Christmas morning at our house, just the three of us. It was so much fun, Mya is a great age. She got a tricycle, doll house and sled from Santa, and they were a hit!
Mya signing "more"... Mommy push me around the house MORE!
For the afternoon, we went to Rob's parent's house. We spent time with his family for the rest of the day. Mya got some fun presents, including a hand knit sweater by Aunt Michelle.
Mya also enjoyed some of the toys Grandma & Grandpa had at their house for her.
We closed the Christmas weekend by attending the zoo lights at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma. Mya learned how to make elephant sounds on the visit.The next weekend, we travelled across the state to spend New Year's weekend with my family. Here is Mya with 3 of her 4 cousins (and one more on the way!!!).
Uncle Rob worked pretty hard to get the highly desired Zhu Zhu hampster for miss Allison. What did people do before ebay? We both had fun trying to get ahold of the most popular toy this Christmas season. What a great uncle, hua?
We went swimming too, the kids love the pool time. Mya needed about a 1/2 hour of warming up to the environment and to feel comfortable in the water. Definately time for us to go to go swimming more often. We brought in the new year with my family. We wish you all the very best in 2010! We look forward to a HEALTHY year! God bless!