Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Mya two nights ago...what's not to love about this little sweetie???

The doctors and surgeons had their "rounds" this morning and we were glad to be in on their conversation. Mya's case has stumped them all (probably 10 nurses, sugeons and doctors- the top people of the industry)... nothing they've ever experienced previously. At this point they're not concerned with her heart, but they are worried about the trauma to her brain, both current and future. They discussed all the pros and cons of different senarios- it was great to hear the debate. They were all speaking with loads of expeirence and from different perspectives to what they thought were the top options for Mya. At this point, they're definately planning to warm her blood back up tomorrow, there is a 48hr protocall to keep it cool so that it doens't negatively affect the brain. Beyond that, they are currently considering 2 options to go ahead with:

Option 1. To get her off the ECMO machine asap (possibly today), warm her blood up and try to get her home. Heart surgery would be considered down the road (short term). The tough part is coming back for surgery later on. We still don't know why she reacted the way she did, so it's not clear how to proceed differently next time. The unknown obviously has the potential to cause more trauma to the brain by ending up in the same spot we're currently in. Not to mention the stress we've all endured, including the surgon teams and our Family. We all have reservations about putting her back under.

Option 2. To keep her sedated, to keep her on the ECMO machine and to go forward with her surgery in the next couple of days. They don't know the current status of her brain trauma, and that's what they're concerned with. They're considering a CT scan tomorrow after warming her up, to see if they can identify any brain damage to help make future choices.

We've been comforted by the excellent staff here, they're so knowledgable. The 2 main anestesiaologists have clearly been personally affected by this situation and both have told us that they are praying for Mya. The lead told us with tears in his eyes that last night his 3 kids were praying for "the little girl at Daddy's job who needed their prayers." Keep up all the prayers, they seem to be working! She's showing great signs of improvement, even though there is a long road ahead!


Joshua said...


We lift Mya up to you, you above all know what caused this cardiac episode. I pray that you give wisdom to the doctors as they plan the next course of action for Mya, and that whenever they meet, you are there amongst them giving them guidance and revelation.


AlisaC said...

I can't even imagine the emotional roller coaster that you all are on, but I do know that she is at the best place with the best people taking good care of her.
I will continue with my positive thoughts and prayers for you all

Kristie said...

Rob & Julie, you are in our prayers. Our family is praying and fasting today and I've added you to the prayer chain as well. We are praying for comfort, wisdom and for the little fighter! May God's peace sustain you!

Carissalayla said...

every few minutes I say please be with Mya, Rob and Julie, God you can do all things.
We are thinking non stop and praying continuously for you all-
XOXOXO Carissa

Patti said...

Rob, Julie and Mya and extended family,
You are in our thoughts and prayers and we are sharing your story with others who are also sending their thoughts and prayers your way. Eastern Washington is sending all the positive vibes we can and we will be cheering on the recovery of Mya.

Please don't hesitate to let us know if there is anything that we can do to help.

Patti, Bob and family and friends

qualitygirl said...


You are the maker of heaven and earth and NOTHING is too hard for you. Place your wonderful hands on this family and bring this precious little one through. For your glory and praise. Amen.

Heather Greisen

TwoFootTail said...

We are praying for your precious little girl!!! Hang in there, you will persevere!

Andi Edwards (Parsons), Wil, Lola, and Rowan

Domrese Family Blog said...

An account has been set up for Rob & Julie under their name at Dinners Ready in Lynwood. Rob and Julie will be able to call and either pick up an order or get it delivered whenever they need it whether at hospital or home. The phone number is 425-337-7955.