Thursday, December 30, 2010

I haven't posted an update in awhile... My new computer (we've owned for 5 months) has been unuseable, the hard drive is shot ALREADY! Needless to say, we're looking to pay $700-$2700 (nice range, hua?) for the data to be recovered. This is the last resort option, we've already taken it to a local recovery spot, it's now on the way to California to be taken apart physically. Luckily they'll tell us how much it'll cost prior to doing anything. We're praying for the low end of the spectrum, and that they can get the past 5 months off of it!!! Reminder... BACK YOUR PHOTOS UP! This has been a painful month to be without a computer, and a tough lesson has been learned. However, in the mean time, we've had a wonderful Christmas season. I don't have all of my pictures from December, but we do have everything from our family celebrations. We celebrated the weekend prior to Christmas with the Tiegs side of the family. Mya always has a great time being the complete center of attention to 6 adults!For Christmas, we flew to Idaho this time to spend the weekend with my family. The group photo is getting pretty loaded with people, but is also very challenging to make sure all of the little ones will sit still!
Rob with our two oldest nieces- they're growing up so fast!Cousins...
"Papa, watch me!"
Our new little nephew hasn't joined us yet, we're waiting for him anxiously! Good luck Suz! I pray you can relax the next few days!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Merry Christmas Friends!
Somebody liked the frosting so much it was hanging out of her mouth for the picture!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!
We hope you had a wonderful time with your families, we are very thankful for our many blessings this year!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow Day!
Today I got to come home early due to crazy winter weather- bring on the snow! I love being trapped at home (for a day or two!) We got some fun play time in!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Festival of Trees
We had a wonderful afternoon. We went to the Fairmont Olympic Hotel to enjoy the Festival of Trees. Each year, the Forrest L. Flashman Guild for Children's Hospital coordinate this fundraising event, hosting 20 decorated Christmas trees to be sold, along with the lighting of the main hall tree, cookies, and Santa photos. Each tree sells for $2,500-$4,000. All the trees have a featured patient from Children's Hospital, and this year Mya was honored as one of them! What a wonderful time to share how thankful we are for the many blessings & miracles we received from her heart surgery experience. She had a great time, being a special guest at the event, she was given a ribbon necklace with a silver bell on it along with a sprinkled cookie- the mix for a perfect day! Grandpa & Grandma Tiegs helped enjoy the time together. We haven't forgotten Thanksgiving, but it was a wonderful kick-off to our Christmas Season! Please visit the website at:
Here is the write-up that is online and posted next to her tree, #6!
A picture of Mya's tree!
Our special miracle girl!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba!
We just spent the evening seeing Mya's favorite show live, Yo Gabba Gabba. This is a newly acquired interest, we bought her a DVD for our plane trip to Puerto Vallarta... and boy was it a good purchase! At this point, it's taken priority over watching "Mya shows" of herself. I think she got her dancing & singing quota in for the day! We got to "shake our sillies out" and had a "party in my tummy!" This was our first kids show as parents that we've attended... and a very different experience! Kids were everywhere, decked out in costumes, specific headbands and hats, or carrying their favorite (& very loved) stuffed character. It was amazing to see the parents who wore the stuff too! The funny part was how while waiting in line to go to the bathroom, I realized that there were multiple people in every stall! A new experience for sure, I'm certain it won't be the last.
Wearing our DJ Lance glasses that were handed out at the door
Autumn Leaves
We had a great morning playing in the leaves at the park. They're still fun even though they aren't dry!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Time with family...We had a nice weekend with my brother and his family. Sweet little Hatley is a darling little one, she's very fun to play with, cooing and squealing at six months old. Mya sure likes her cousin too! It was good to see you guys, thanks for coming over!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

I'm not sure who had more fun on Halloween- Mya or her parents. We had a great evening. Kayla's family, Mya's BFF from daycare, invited us to their house for dinner and trick or treating. The girls had so much fun! After we went to the first house, Mya quickly figured out the treat part of the evening. She was so excited, when Rob asked her if she wanted to go to more houses, she jumped up and down yelling, "yeah, more!" Our little monkey was out like a light after all of her trick or treating fun!