Friday, August 07, 2009

Prayer Still Needed! It was 6:00pm and we still hadn't heard from anyone since 3:30. Finally we got a page, and the we went to the desk and they told us that our surgeon was coming out to talk with us. He finally came out at 6:30... talk about anticipation! He told us that the surgery went well, she had been doing great for about an hour, and so they decided to close her chest and she had another episode of her heart quitting. They quickly re-opened her chest and hand pumped her heart to get it going. Luckily, it worked really quickly and her body responded well to the re-start and more medication to continue to help her. The bummer is that there isn't a reason for anything, they don't know what is causing her heart to stop! The surgery itself went well, her murmur has been patched and our surgeon reported that he thought we made the correct choice to do the surgery now, since coming back could have been as severe as the first arrest. At this point, they're going to keep her knocked out for the next two days to make sure she's stable. We're relieved that we're over the major hurdles, she's off ECMO and the surgery is complete, now we just need to get her stabilized and healthy. We just really pray that this won't be an issue in the future... since we don't understand the causes. The hospital offers CPR classes, that I'm going to take on Wednesday- I pray I never have to use it! We hopefully get to see her in the next 15ish minutes, it'll be good to see her kiss her head.


Chris and Britt said...

We are still praying for little Mya and her recovery, bur great news that the surgery is complete. Hang in there Rob and Julie-our thoughts and prayers are with you two. We will keep checking in for new updates. Lots of love and hugs!

Ros said...

Found your blog through your Facebook update and just wanted you to know that Mya is in our prayers.
Hugs to you,
Ros Carey