Friday, July 06, 2012

A Heartwarming Play Date
One of Mya's first best friends, Kayla, moved to California a little over a year ago.   We were all bummed to see their family leave the area, but new jobs had created another opportunity for them in the sunny state.  About 3 months after they'd moved away, Kayla was diagnosed with ALL leukemia.  We were so shocked to hear of the news and just felt horrible for the difficult journey they're whole family was about to embark upon.  We've continued to stay in touch with their family, though Skype, and Mya prays for her regularly before bed.  She's had a long year of nasty treatment, losing her hair, and the ups and downs of chemotherapy.  She's finally coming out on the other end, and she's now on maintenance chemo.  Since her diagnosis, she's not had much interaction with kids, at all.  Mya continues to be one of her few friends, since she didn't have much time to meet new kids in California before having to be secluded from kid germs. We had the wonderful opportunity to re-connect with them today.  They did a road trip to visit relatives, and they stopped for lunch and a play-date with us, on their way home.  This is the first time Kayla has been away from her zip code in over a year.  It was wonderful to catch up with her parents, and Kayla just beamed the whole time, playing on the playground and running like a normal kid.  She was very excited to share that she'd recently be given the green light to go swimming for a 1/2 hour at a time, and to start gymnastics soon.  It's a wonderful time for their entire family to start becoming "normal" again.  They still have to go back for treatments, but it's not as hard core.  Please pray for continued healing for her little body.  She's a pretty special friend, and we were reminded today, that we sure miss their family!