Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall Changes We had a great weekend together, enjoying the fall weather. We took a walk along Lake Washington, we live in such a beautiful area! Mya really enjoyed the time outside and has taken to sucking on her fist in the past couple of days. The latest fun toy for Mya has been the introduction of the Bumbo seat. It holds her just perfectly right now, supporting her little neck and sitting her up to see everything around, her favorite. Daddy likes to pretend it's an airplane and fly her around the house. It's entertaining for all of us!
Our friend, Jesse, took some photos of Mya at 4 weeks old, you can check out her website of them at
We had the pleasure of having Natanya, Maureen & Dominic visit us as well this weekend, it was great to catch up! Maureen and I lived together about 8ish years ago (WOW!!!) in an apartment at Greenlake. Natanya and I work together, it was fun to see them both. Little Dominic is a busy guy who we just got to meet for the first time- it's been too long! I'm sure going to miss this time at home to catch up with friends and spend more time with our family!

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