Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fashion Photo Week I always wondered what at home Mom's did during all of their time... now I realize time is filled with feeding (a full time job literally- about 50+ hours a week during this young stage), bathing, changing diapers, and the most fun (if baby isn't screaming the whole time) dressing little one! We've been taking pictures this week of new outfits that were given to us. Mya is finally getting big enough to fit into the 0-3 month clothing, which brings to us an entirely new wardrobe from her newborn size! Things are still a little big, but I've had fun getting her dressed each morning! Outfits in these two photos were given to us by the Cuellar and Arceo families. Look for more fashionable favorites later this week!
Mya has finally started to sort of "like" taking baths. Prior to now it's been a major chore... but the little stinker is finally not screaming through the entire event, so we had to take a picture!


Mark & Brittany Sawyer said...

o my niece is beautiful. Now i just wish i could hold her... send her my way when you get tired of her =)

Domrese Family Blog said...

Super cute outfits! That was my favorite part of this stage (and I'll admit's still my favorite part!). Enjoy just gets better and better!