Monday, September 22, 2008

Cooing Baby... We got to spend time with Rob's family yesterday, they came to visit and of course loved on little Miss Mya. For some reason people have a little more initiative to come and visit with this little girl around! She is definately loved by a lot of people. There was no shortage of arms to hold our little angel, between Grandma & Aunt Michelle, you have to get in line to get your Mya time. She is beginning to coo and smile, it's so sweet! We captured a little of it on the video below. The verdict is still out on the color of Mya's hair... it depends on the light, sometimes it looks brown, other days it is definitely red. I could all fall out and be blond too, we'll see! Any votes? Fall weather has certainly set in, it's much cooler and the rain has returned (big surprise, right?). I'm trying to get Mya into a few more of her summer dresses before we have to retire them due to needing long sleeves and tights. It's a little sad that she's only been able to wear a few of them 1-2 times, and by next year we'll possibly be passing them onto a cousin!

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Mark & Brittany Sawyer said...

its going red... or atleast we hope so =)