Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Vacation to Leavenworth & Lake Chelan
We have had the most relaxing week in a long time. We are fully enjoying the fall weather at a time share (from Debbie-THANK YOU!!!) on Lake Chelan. Mya has been dealing with some reflux (for the past month), but thankfully has adjusted with some medicine and has been a much happier baby this week. She has made our little trip so much fun! We stopped in Leavenworth on the way over and got in on some of the Octoberfest festivities. In Chelan we've driven around to see several orchards, taken some nice long walks, and Mya's new favorite, swimming. We found a swim suit to fit her on the clearance rack at Target for $2.50- nothing like waiting until the end of the season for that kind of a purchase! You'll see part of her swim time on a video below- she loved it. After our time in the pool she crashed pretty hard, it was a definate hit for all of us! Recently I asked for prayer for our childcare situation. THANK YOU very much, we have found someone to watch her- we are so amazing blessed to have a wonderful church network of friends and young Moms who have been very helpful in what could have been a very stressful situation. I feel much more comfortable with Mya's new care taker than our original option anyway. Yea God!!! A few other "firsts" for Mya, she's started to stick her toungue out a lot, and is blowing little bubbles now. I'm sure it's in preparation for all of those teeth that will be growing before we know it. She's smiling a lot and starting to giggle, we work pretty hard to get it out of her, but have a great time with it.


Mark & Brittany Sawyer said...

Looks like you are all having a fun time, and our beautiful neice is getting quite big =) Where is the video of her swimming?

Love you

Christi Mullet said...

Hey, girl! What a fun trip you three had! It's so great you are getting Mya out into the world to experience new sights and sounds. She's such a sweetie.

I wanted to wish you luck on your first day back to work! It sounds like you found a better daycare, so that's wonderful. Take care.