Sunday, September 14, 2008

Heart Murmur Update
We went to Children's Hospital on Friday for a check up on Mya's heart murmur. Good news is that she is gaining weight, she's 10.3lbs! The hole hasn't gotten any bigger, but they still cannot see how much fluid is in her little lungs, so she's been put on a diahrretic to minimize the fluid that is currently there and will help her little breathing to be clearer. Thank you for continued prayer for our little one. We go back next Friday for another check-up, hopefully we'll know more at that time ant the visits will become less frequent at that time. Children's hospital- what a place. Be thankful if you've never had to visit, but what an amazing network of doctors, nurses and caretakers. Such wonderful people work there, we saw cars in the parking lot from across the country. We are so lucky to live so close for these check-ups. Mya is 6 weeks old, and is changing so much! This week she's fighting naps... it has to be something different each week to keep me on my toes! Luckily she is eating well though.


Domrese Family Blog said...

She's beautiful! You guys are doing a great job! We'll continue to keep Mya and family in our prayers.

Christi Mullet said...

Wow! Look at that awesome head and neck control on that Boppy pillow! That's very good for 6 weeks!

AngMomof3 said...

Love the photos! And love the news that she's gaining weight too! THANKS.