Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ode to All Aunties
Being an Aunt must be the single best job that you never sign up for. You can buy all the unpractical items that the parents won't, in addition to loving on little ones when they are clean and happy, passing them off when they're not. What's better? We owe a special "I love you" from Mya to all of her wonderful Aunties. The list is pretty long, because we have several Great Greats. I'm pretty sure that puts them in a whole new classification to have dual "greats" before their name. I think that even trumps having a Dr. or Prof. prefix. The hardest part is being the "coolest" aunt, especially when you have some stiff competition like I do. Location determines a lot of this, so I've lost my cool edge with my neices and nephew. I've grown to be okay with not being the coolest, because now I am the aunt with a cousin (although not for long)! Luckily Mya hasn't formed any favorites and loves all of her Aunties equally!
  • In the Great Great Aunt classification (in alphabetical order), we have Betty, Darlene, Delores, Gloria, Roberta & Virginia.
  • In the Great Aunt category (did you realize you were here???), we have Becky, Janet, Judi, Kathleen, Teresa, and Tammie.
  • And for the singular Aunt-ship we have the wonderful Angela, Brittany, Michelle & Suzanne.
Thank you for being wonderful Aunties to Mya!!! Today she is sporting a "I Love my Auntie" onesie from Aunt Suz, but not out-do the one from Aunt Darlene that says "My Aunt Loves Me." And just so you don't think Mya doesn't work hard in front of the camera to get it just perfect in her modeling, see the out-takes below... it was a rough photo shoot!!!

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Steven said...

Auntie Michelle says, "Hooray! Thanks for the shout-out. I can't wait to hold my niece again."