Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Wonderful Labor Day Weekend
We had such a nice "normal" weekend! Mya is progressing like a champ. She's seemingly almost back to her previous status... crawling, pulling herself up on stuff and wiggling so much it's hard to hang onto her at times. She's even eating "normally." She hasn't been too keen on the baby foods (she doesn't like Mommy to feed her anymore, she can do it herself), so I decided to lower some of her formula amounts (thru the tube) so that she'd be hungry and we went for it! She's back to eating her peas, cheese, meatloaf and strawberries. It was just like getting back on a bike! Maybe it's a bit soon, but I figured her little tummy would let us know, what's one more puke session? However, she's been doing just fine, plus she's been a lot more aware of what we're eating and certainly wants to have some too! Thus the first taste of corn on the cob! I've been giving her whole milk in a sippy cup with some thickening stuff, it's not exactly quick for her to drink, but she's seemingly really thirsty, as she accepts her cup with excitement every time we give it to her. Now we're giving her both formula and water feedings thru her tube. Her meds continue to decline in volume, and she's seemingly unfazed by it. Hooray!!! Her voice is also slowly coming back, we really noticed it more yesterday, she's starting to try to babble again. SO REFRESHING!
We had a nice weekend, Aunt Michelle & Uncle Steve came for a visit on Saturday, had a family day together on Sunday and Monday the Cox family came to see Mya. She was so excited to see other kids! It's been such a long time for her to be around other kids, she couldn't stop watching and playing with the boys (neither could Rob...).


Theresa Gibson said...

She looks great! I am so happy that the light is coming back into your family and things are well on the road to normalcy! Congrats!

Sydney and Tom said...

Hey Julie it's so great to hear that she is progressing well!! It will be fun to have her back in the nursery with Taylin soon!! We will continue to pray the feeding tube comes out soon!

Miss seeing you guys at church!

jaime.ledger said...

What a blessing and a beautiful little girl! Go Mya! She looks great! God is good Julie!

Hilty Sprouts! said...

Wonderful! Mya looks so stylish in her jeans! Oh and corn on the cob! Nothing better!


Carissalayla said...

God is Great!