Monday, September 14, 2009

Go Hawks!
We had a nice family day at home yesterday. Mya enjoyed playing with Daddy, he returned from a business trip to Salt Lake City. My sister Suzanne and her little guy flew in to help watch Mya this week. I gave her a crash course in her care last night and I'm headed back to work today. It's pretty tough to leave our little one, but I'm thankful to be at more of a normal life status!
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Chris and Britt said...

Julie-good luck at work. I can imagine that you will have mixed emotions, but good for all. Just one more step in the right direction and Mya looks to be adapting to "normal" life quite well!

jaime.ledger said...

Julie. I am glad to hear you are able to get life back to normal. I've been checking in on your blog quite frequently to get your updates. Looks like things are going to be okay for your little family. The offer still stands if you need help. I live close by! Hope your first day back goes well!

Sawyers said...

Love that Mya smile! I haven't seen the twinkle so clear in her eyes for a long time. She's coming back completely! What a blessing!

God bless your time at work....I'm staying right next to REI in Boise. Should I check out anything?

Love Mom

AngMomof3 said...

Yay! Daddy's home! Aunt Suz is there! Julie gets to get back to her job! Good, good week.

Kari said...

Julie and thrilled and relieved that everything is going so well for you guys and Mya! She looks like she's thriving and we're so glad that all is getting back to normal!!