Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fun with Aunt Suz & Trent
Many thanks to Suz for coming to watch Mya for the week. They had a good time playing together, although she had her hands full! Mya & Trent are 8 months apart, Mya alone is a full time job right now, and adding the baby made it quite the challenge! Mya is super busy now, motoring all around and chatting as much as her little throat allows. She's doing really well. I had a good week back to work, although exhausting getting back into the swing of things. Rob will be with her this week, it'll be good Mya/Daddy time!
Trent Cousin Play Time
Not quite 6 months, and already sitting up and having fun on the car! Here is her current voice level... it seems to improve daily. We're still hopeful for only a couple more weeks of the tube!

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