Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today has been a sleepy day for Miss Mya, she took a nap for 5 hours! We've weaned down the
major drugs from 4 to 3 times a day, and yesterday was a tough day for her, really feeling the reaction from the change. It's nice that she was able to rest today, and she's seeming a lot less agitated. I'm loving the change since it means that I don't have to get up at 12:00am & 2:00am anymore!!! I think it's the first time I've slept 6 hours straight in 3 weeks! So great. Mya also seems to be doing better with less formula in her little tummy. I cut down the quantity so she'd be hungry for real food, and it's worked great, plus she's not throwing up 3x a day anymore either. We meet with a Occupation/Physical Therapist tomorrow and our Pediatrician on Saturday, hopefully we can get another swallow test scheduled and she'll be healed enough to be off of this tube.
We had a nice day together, it's certainly feeling like fall. Mya got to wear an outfit made specifically for her by our friend Krisite Young, it's so cute! Check out her modeling pictures above! We also "harvested" our tomatoes today. Most of them are green, so I decided to chop all of the plants down and to lay them on the patio to get more ripening sun, we'll see how successful that is. Otherwise, we'll bring them in before it gets too cold at night... I just don't want the fruit flies in the house!
Last night we finally bought our long debated vacuum cleaner. Hello Dyson, goodbye Hoover!!! I love this thing! I've vacuumed the whole house today, and I think I cleaned up 2 years of junk and dirt from our carpet. It is amazing. I had to dump the canister twice! So gross! It is defiantly a good purchase. We've been talking about a new one for at least a year, the old one is 11-12 years old, time to be traded in! Super lame to blog about this, but it's making cleaning much less of a chore!


Carissalayla said...

I too want a new vacuum, what kind of Dyson did you get?

Krisy said...

Little sweet pea.

Lindley Family said...

What a darling outfit. i love that you can see her scar in that last photo. she should show off that bad boy like a badge of honor! she's (and her parents) been through a lot! I'm so glad to hear life is starting to feel a little more normal for you all.

I don't think it's lame to blog about your vacuum! I have a Dyson and LOVE it!

Kristie said...

I'm so glad it fits! And that we had warm enough weather for her to wear it!