Saturday, July 18, 2009

What a Week!
We've had an action-packed week. At work we had an employee picnic on Thursday, that wasn't just any employee picnic/kickball game. When you work for REI, there are a few competitive folks around, this "friendly" kickball competition is nothing short of a full fledged event. This included plenty of pre game trash talking, a grounds crew "dance," team uniforms, four games of kickball and of course I got to dust off my trusty pompons and lead the "Buzz Kill" team's chants. I'm fairly certain that I may regret some of my cheerleading behavior... the photos have yet to surface! We had a great time, who gets to enjoy work like that???

This morning we hosted a baby shower for our friends Jackie & Dane. It was a great time, especially with the beautiful weather! All the dads and kids went to the park, and enjoyed daddy time during the shower. After naps, we then went to Theo's 2nd Brithday party. We just met Theo today, thanks to facebook- but Rob & I grew up with his Mom & Uncles. It was so fun to catch up! The whole Tharp family was at the BBQ, below is a photo of Carissa, Justin, Trevor and Sue. Dave was there too! They are all doing great, it was so nice to catch up!
Happy Birthday Theo!!! Mya has one more week in daycare. After that Grandma Sawyer is coming to watch her for a week prior to her surgery hopefully keeping her from any unnecessary germs. If she is sick, they'll have to postpone the surgery date. Mya really likes a couple of the people at her daycare, she's going to miss them! We've also learned that we won't be able to have visitors after surgery (for possibley 3 weeks), but we truly appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers we've already been given and would appreciate continued prayer for her recovery. I'll be sure to do updates when time allows via our blog. We appreciate you keeping up with us!

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