Friday, May 15, 2009

Mothers Day
For my first mother's day this year we went with the Cox family to Flower World. We got a bunch of plants for my flower beds, it was a nice time together. One other Monther's Day surprise was at 9.5 months old, miss Mya started crawling. She's not that confident yet, but she can do it. The following day I headed to Southern California for a 3 day business trip, I'm glad to see the weekend to get a little sleep and to refuel.
Mya playing on her new car given to her by one of my co-workers. Thanks Kellen for passing it on!
Carter joined us on our trip to Flower World.
Our tall girl, growing up so fast.

After 4 1/2 months of a nasty runny nose and cough... I think we're FINALLY seeing the end of it for our little miss. We've had to use the nebulizer 3x/day to get some medicine into her lungs to relax the cough. Thank God for Baby Einstein DVD's... this process isn't very fun and the DVD certianly keeps her focused a little better than without. We're headed to Children's Hospital again next Friday to see her cardiologist, we're praying for continued improvement in her heart murmur!

Mya helping with laundry.


Nurse Ora said...

Finally, Julie's in a photo! Julie, you are the best blogger I know, and of course, you have the best little model to work with. Mya is soooo cute, and her personality is delightful. My babysitting offer still stands if you and Rob would like a date.

Suzanne Holling said...

Mya looks like she is hitch hiking on that little car. Maybe she is confused she is already in the car. lol (I enjoy laughing at my own dumb comments) Can't wait to come play!!!!

Sydney and Tom said...

You are going to have your hands very full with her crawling!! Taylin has even figured out how to crawl up our stairs in our's crazy how fast they can get around!