Thursday, May 21, 2009

Zoo Time Our friend Jackie went into labor on Sunday, so we had the pleasure of hanging out with their little Sophia for the day! She was a lot of fun, we played outside a lot (it was such a beautiful day) and then decided to go to the zoo with both Mya and Sophia. I was so thankful to not be the one in labor!!! Mya's favorite animal was the elephant, she woudn't take her eyes off of them! Sophia liked the monkeys. Pretty fun to have two little sweet girls with us.
Who knew the new hang out for us & our good frinds would be at the zoo? Carter & Elliott were there we also saw little Stella to!
Buried in Laundry...

Mya is now mobile. Her favorite song is "If you're happy & you know it." For some reason it cures many tears.

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