Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We are enjoying a wonderful time in Hawaii. Mya really likes pool time and long walks in the stroller. Today she started to really enjoy playing in the sand too! She's been a lot of fun to be with on our vacation. Rob's friend, Jarrod and former Pacific team/room mate lives on the island and has connected with us a few times to hang out. We've had the opportunity to drive up both the west and east sides of the island, tomorrow- the north shore. We are so thankful to have this family time together! It's amazing how many comments miss Mya brings with all passers-by. I can't count the number of people who have mentioned how cute she is! It's always nice to hear!
Mya's first time to touch sand, a bit hesitant at first, but is now very interested in it!
Waikiki Beach
Kyaking outside of Rob's friend, Pierre's home. They hosted us for a BBQ at their beautiful place, he and Rob also played ball together at Pacific.
Waikiki SunsetThanks Lenssen Fam for the cute bathing suit!
Jarrod & Rob- Pacific team/room mates
Diamond Head- the view from our room on the 37th floor...


AngMomof3 said...

What a cute bikini! Nothing beats the grass skirt and coconut bra, though.

So glad you're enjoying yourselves there... wish we could be with you.

Suzanne Holling said...

HOLY Cuteness! I miss you Mya, can't wait to play with you this next time I see you :) I'm so glad she got to experience the sand in the toes..and what adorable outfits!