Saturday, April 04, 2009

SUNSHINE!!! We had a wonderful Saturday together at home, and what a beautiful day for it! We haven't had this much sunshine in awhile, so we took advantage- I worked in the yard and Rob worked on our cars today. Mya got to enjoy the taste of grass for the first time, she had a great time being outside too! Tomorrow our church is officially moving to our new campus- hooray! It's been a long 4 year process, but we're very excited to finally be in our new facility. To commemorate the event, we're walking from our previous location the the new building, 6 miles north. I helped organize the t-shirts for all of the participants, Mya got to try hers a little early. Luckily there is a lot of growing room for her! We didn't even pose her for this picture, but she obviously likes her shirt! Now that Mya has got the rolling-over thing down, things aren't as easy for us, including putting her down for her nap. It's time for us to drop her mattress... we've almost got a mobile one on our hands!


AngMomof3 said...

Thumbs up, Mya! I like your shirt too. And I think you're ready for 1. a lowered crib, 2. a mobile removed and 3. a singing role on the mic with your praise band at church!
SOOOOO cute!

Suzanne Holling said...

My goodness she is hilarious! :) I keep watching the video with rob and her talking in the goodness I keep laughing outloud.