Thursday, November 20, 2008

Time with Auntie Ang My sister Angela came over to visit- bringing 5 friends for a scrapbook convention. We didn't get a lot of time together, but what we got was great! Our time did include a photo shoot- see a few of what Ang took below. They all got some good stuff at the convention- I was quick to inquire about everything they learned! I've now been back to work for 6 weeks- amazing how quickly it's gone. Things are going well at work, I've changed positions and am really enjoying the new challenges my job brings. I don't have enough time at home or at work these days!
Mya is more fun than ever, she's giggling more, beginning to grab toys and everything goes to her mouth. She's a few weeks shy of 4 months old. She is starting to move into yet another wardrobe... beginning to fit into 3-6 month clothing. With it brings more photo opportunities! Thanks to the Richards family for the cute little lavendar dress below and to the Mullet family for the little lamb outfit.
Thank you for your prayers... a few posts back I was asking for prayer for a fever I had. It lasted almost 3 weeks, all because I wasn't taking my vitamins! I started taking them again, eating more and drinking a lot more water and it quit within a day. Little miss is sucking me dry of my nutrients. Anyway- I appreciate the thoughts and prayers.


Domrese Family Blog said...

Glad to hear the fever left! Amazing what nursing does to a body! She's adorable, you guys are doing such a great job!

Christi Mullet said...

She just has the widest, sweetest eyes! You are welcome for the outfit. It looks great on her! Hope to see you soon. Tell Rob I said hello!

AngMomof3 said...

Aw, I miss the girl already! And the rest of my family can't wait to see her too.

Take care and see you soon-ish.