Sunday, November 09, 2008

Family Time My parents came to visit us this weekend, we had a great time together and playing with Miss Mya. We got her 3 month photos taken, otherwise we just hung out together playing and trying to make her smile. We got the great news that my cousin, Joe, just had his 2nd little one, welcome to the world Mary Margaret! Grandpa also had fun reading "A Monster at the End of this Book" to Mya, one of my growing up favorites. Last weekend we hosted Aunt Suz and Uncle Jake, pictures of their visit below. Friday we went to Children's Hospital again, and Mya's heart murmur has changed a little (for the positive), so we go back again in a month for another check up. Thank you for your continued prayer- we're still praying she'll grow out of it... more to come in a few more months. We got to communicate with our family via Skype this weekend, what a cool thing! Mark & Brittany got to see Mya over a web cam (they're in Saipan for the year)- it was pretty close to actually meeting her! All the cousins in Pullman got to see Mya too, it was a treat to see everyone as we talked. We're looking forward to a visit from Aunt Angela this week- 3 weekends in a row of Sawyer family visitors, it's great!

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