Friday, October 14, 2011

Product Reviews

I've been meaning to do a post for a long time of several products I've been really happy with.  I've become a big fan of product reviews online, mostly thru Amazon & recipes.  I've been pretty happy with everything I've purchased with the positive reviews.  They were all referred to me by someone else, they've made my life a bit easier!

1.  The first one saved our whole family a lot of sleep.  Mya was waking up before 6:00am for a long time, and it was tough on all of us.  So, thanks to Lisa Lindley's blog (who battled the same issue), we purchased the "Good Nite Light."  This little miracle worker shines blue when it's time to go to bed and yellow when it's time to get up.  The best part is that you can set the time.  The only draw back is that it can't be re-set for nap time.  There is only one sun and one moon.  However, it's been wonderful, and Mya still likes to show us that her sun is yellow in the morning.  She hasn't gotten out of bed until it comes on. 

2.  My inlaws, Steve & Michelle told me about this lovely tub cleaner.  I HATE cleaning the bathtub.  I'll do the toilets any day, but the tub is always the one that you can scrub for 10 minutes and still see grime later that you missed.  This scrubbing bubbles automatic sprayer is wonderful!  Spray it on your tub, by simply holding down a little button, let it sit for 15 minutes, and then use a wash cloth to wipe it clean.  LOVE IT! It's pretty potent, but it does the job really quickly.

3.  Next to the bottle in the picture is "Zip It" referred to me by a couple of co-workers.  This little gem is mabye $3 at Home Depot, but rocks when used to clean hair out of your drain!  We haven't had to purchase drain-o in about a year thanks to this little tool.  It's made of plastic and has several teeth down the side of it, that are pretty sharp.  You just shove it down your drain, and it catches all the gunk and hair and pulls it out really easily.  It says to use it once, but I've kept mine, and just clean it off... works great!

4.  The last product, the diaper champ, was given to me by our friend, Jackie.  Her family has outgrown diapers, and since we were headed back to that land, she passed it to me.  We previously had the diaper genie, which filled up twice as quickly, and the refill bags you had to buy for that thing were close to $8 each.  So lame to spend a lot on garbage bags.  The champ is certainly better in my opinion, you can use whatever bag you want, and it doesn't stink (an obvious plus).  You can also throw a diaper away with one hand.  Bye bye genie!!!

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Carissalayla said...

I need the shower/bath tub cleaner and the drain cleaner, thanks for the tips!