Friday, October 14, 2011

Girl Time

Our sweet girls

Although it's not super productive, we are having a lot of fun together everyday at home.  Mya has been a good helper with the baby, and Kylie is growing a lot.  She's getting rolls in her thighs and a double chin, I'll pass off the weight anytime!  It's amazing how much time I end up spending feeding Kylie, preparing meals and getting dishes/laundry going.  I have a lot less time to play with Mya than I originally expected.  I'm sure it'll get easier as Kylie starts to feed a bit quicker, and less frequently.  But in the mean time, we're enjoying reading library books, Mya dances during feeding time and doing a project together when we can fit it in.
Mya giving Kylie a binki, such a good helper!
Kylie getting stronger...

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