Monday, August 22, 2011

Seattle Run for Children's
This weekend Rob and Mya participated in the Seattle Run for Children's. Rob ran the 10K and Mya particpated in the Kids Dash. I'm looking forward to participating again soon! We had a great time, and a couple of other friends join our team, "Mya and the Heartbeats." Many thanks to Russ Fine and Liz Wilson for joining us in the event. We have a fund-raising page, and it's not too late to contribute! The money goes to uncompensated care at Children's Hosptial- so no child will ever go untreated. Such an amazing place! I can't say enough for our experience at Children's... as they saved our little Mya twice. Click on the link below-we'd love your help!

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Ora said...

Great photos! Great weather! Great cause! Mya is giving back :)