Friday, January 15, 2010

The joys of a 17 month old
I don't know if God is giving us a break from the chaos of the last year or if he doesn't think we can't handle anything more, but I think we have the sweetest little girl around. She is so good, we're having a great time with her right now. It may be a stage and the terrible twos are just around the corner, but until then we'll enjoy what a wonderful child we've been given. Right now Mya seems to learn a word a day (from what we know), she's mimicking everything, and is full of her own little perosnality. She listens really well, cleans up without a fit, goes to nap time and bed without crying and pretty much complies with most requests. I love this kid! She's really good at animal sounds right now, I think the cutest ones are her elephant & fish sounds. I really need to capture them on video! A favorite new inheritance is her kitchen and food that were given to us by my co-worker Kim, and some pots, pans and food were contributed by her cousins. She's doing great with pretending and playing with the new toys, it's so sweet! What a blessing she continues to be to our family.
Daddy & Mya chillin on the floor... Our little chef...
Snuggle time



AngMomof3 said...

She's so fun! Can I come play with her?

Christi said...

She's doing so well, Julie! Sounds like she's putting that whole "feisty red head" theory to rest. Hee hee. She's darling.

Ros said...

Lovely to see Mya doing so well! That video is so cute.

Palouse84 said...

Rob and Julie, don't know if you remember me but Mom gave me your blog address many months ago.. I've been following your adventures with Mya... she is soooo cute and I'm so glad she's doing well... you guys look great! I can't believe you both aren't still 10 years old and running down the church basement steps -- time flies... I have many fond memories of you both... take care.

Kelly (Arland) Carrick