Friday, January 29, 2010

Decorating Valentine Cookies
Tonight while the Dads went out for wings and beer, the Moms and kids were at our house for dinner, a movie and decorating Valentine cookies! Holidays are so much better with kids around! Poor Rob, it takes a lot for me to make him cookies, but for the kids? No problem! Regardless, we had a great time tonight with Carter, Elliott and Andrea. The above cookies were decorated by Carter. One was made specially for his Daddy to take home, pretty sweet. Bryan, I hope you like sprinkles! Mya had a great time with visitors over. It's amazing how sweet kids are to one another, they were so gentile with her!
I think this is one of those things I said I wouldn't do... allowing my daughter to eat a bunch of frosting and cookies before the age of 2! Who can resist when it's enjoyed so much?
Elliott got some frosting on his cookie...
Carter with his finished cookie masterpieces.
Thanks for coming over!!! Dad's have to go out more often!

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