Monday, December 01, 2008

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is playing Christmas music and decorating! I love Christmas decorations. I just get excited for the feelings that come with opening the box of ornaments & garland. Adding festive music creates a wonderful feeling of excitement and happiness. The soft glow of the white lights always add a cozy feeling to a room. Now we just need snow! We are so excited to share the same feelings and create new Christmas memories with Mya. I have only positive, fun memories of my childhood Christmases, and I hope to pass that onto her. We decorated our house over the weekend. It always kicks off the holiday season for me, and puts me in the Christmas mood. I'm not sure she had as much fun as I did, but she likes to watch me dance around to "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree." It may just be that I'm pretty freaky looking, or that the music is a timeless part of our culture that all generations enjoy. Our "finished" living room is missing one imporant decoration. Mya's stocking is cut out and sitting at the sewing machine ready for me to finish, hopefully sometime this week. We'll have to invest in a stronger hanger for hers... I'm pretty sure it'll get pretty full this year! Santa knows she's been a very good little baby. Rob has been a trooper through the whole thing, he is such a great husband to put up with my decorating desires!!!
Merry Christmas everyone!

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AngMomof3 said...

Oooh... it all looks so pretty! And Rob sacrificed his TV for your nativity set? Wow! :)