Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

We spent our extended weekend hiking in Mount Ranier National Park & catching up on stuff at home. We had a great day at Ranier, although the park has a lot of damage from this winter's flooding and wind storms. We ran into snow... that kept us from continuing further on our hike, but the weather was beautiful, and we were glad to get outside to enjoy nature- so close to us!

Here is the most recent photos of our house, they will start siding and will finish the balance of the wiring this week. We have our first official walk-thru next week. Pretty exciting! Less than 2 months away! Thank you for all of your prayers, the process has been really smooth thus far. We are truly blessed to live in our wonderful country and for all the amazing Gifts God has given us!

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The Lenssens said...

Wow! What a beautiful hike! Thanks for the photos. And I can't believe how fast your house is changing... you'll be in it before you know it!