Monday, February 21, 2011

Meeting Miles
We had a great time this weekend meeting Mya's newest cousin, Miles. He is very sweet, and tolerated his first grandchild picture! He is a darling little addition to our family! Mya had a blast with her cousins, it is always fun to observe them all together!
All the grandkids... 7 and counting!


Ora said...

Cuteness appears to run in your family! Love the new photos. It was warm enough to be in the hot-tub? Where were you?

Carissalayla said...

oh love the name, Miles is on our list if we ever have another boy!

Kathy said...

Love her facial expressions! Yesterday Jocelyn had me cracking up at what she was looking like and saying! This age is such a sweet mix of hard discipline/behavior and sweet moments of laughter! Love that you capture it all on your blog!