Thursday, November 04, 2010

Puerto Vallarta Vacation
We just returned from a wonderful vacation to Puerto Vallarta. It was definately different travelling with a toddler, but we had a great time hanging out and enjoying the sunshine (90 degrees every day) and the beach. We stayed at an all inclusive resort- it was way too easy to get used to, with drinks at the pool and the beach whenever we wanted them! At one time Mya told me that "My drink coming" although she didn't understand that you have to order them first! She was a super little traveller, we went into PV one day and to another neighboring village another time. We got her a little Mexican doll, which she introduced to her existing favorite dolly with hugs and kisses. Pretty darn cute. Another highlight for Mya was DANCING! She loves it! There was a kids show every night at the resort that invited all the kids on stage to sing and dance with the hospitality team. She took to that pretty quickly, and she commonly asked, "Mommy, watch me dance?" "Daddy, watch me dance?" We had a great time!


Ora said...

Ooohhhhh...I've been waiting 4 photos of Mya @ the beach in PV. These are sooo cute. Her new dolly is cute. My fav 1 is the profile view of Mya & Mommy sipping drinks by the pool. So sorry you had 2 leave right away again, Julie. Hope you have today (Fri) off.

Christi said...

Welcome home, Julie! I'm so glad you had fun in PV!