Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We have been enjoying sunshine this beautiful spring. Last weekend we commemorated the first day of spring by having lunch outside. We fired up the grill, pulled out the patio furniture and umbrella, it was such a lovely day! Mya didn't want to go back inside.
This week at daycare is spirit week. We can't let this fun pass us by! So, we've been ready with the daily outfit, you'll have to check back again later this week for the other things Mya has in store.
Monday: Hippie Day
Tuesday: Hawaiian Day I couldn't believe she still had her outfit on when I picked her up, I think she enjoyed the attention her little coconut bra brought! We had not idea that this little costume would be something that could be used again, but proved to be a fun little investment from our trip to Hawaii a year ago! Wednesday: Pajama Day (Daddy forgot to take a picture and the jammies suffered a casualty on the playground, so they came home in the laundry bag... you'll have to visualize this one) Thursday: Silly Sock Day

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