Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fun with an 18 month old... The past four days have been wonderful. Thanks to President's day and a vacation day, Mya & I have been able to hang out a lot together just at home. Unfortunately Rob has had to work both days, but I needed some re-group time. We've been taking Mya swimming once a week (she's been really afraid of water), and she's gotten much more comfortable in the pool, we'll have to post pictures of her swimming in one of our next posts. We went for a run yesterday and visited some friends as well. It's been great to catch up on life! Rob & I have decided to train for another half marathon. We've been doing well to get started, and are planning to run the St. Patrick's Day dash in March. The Rock-N-Roll 1/2 marathon that we're going to run is in June and then in August we're planning to do the Run For Children's. We'll be raising money for that one, and Mya will be joining us in the stroller. We'll be donating our funds to the Seattle Children's heart center. We just had Mya's 18 month pictures taken by our friend, Brea go to http://www.cyephotography.com/blog to check them out. She's a great photographer, I'd definitely recommend her if you're in need!
We made pancakes together for dinner one night.
Our little sweet pea is a master at using utensils, her favorite breakfast now is cheerio's with milk. Such a big girl!
Since blogger is having issues with videos, I've posted the next few to youtube, hopefully that'll fix the problem.

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Christi said...

You guys are so silly! I'm gonna have to steal some of your games. :) I love it and I know Mya does as well!