Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's offical, we're DONE! As of Friday, Mya had another swallow test at Children's Hospital, and she is set to be done with the feeding tube and to be back to normal fluids by the end of this week!!! We are so amazingly thankful to have our little girl back to 100%. Such an awesome thing to have a relatively short recovery, when we could be dealing with some major damage from her arrests. God is so good! We also lucked out and were able to finally get the H1N1 vaccination on Friday without standing in line for 4 hours. Thank you all for your prayers for Mya's recovery. We are so blessed to be beyond recovery at this time! HOORAY for a normal girl! What a perfect time for THANKSGIVING! Miss Mya is as sweet as ever. We are constantly impressed by our little one bopping around on her own. She's so grown up these days! Her latest favorites are saying "uh oh!" reading books, eating everything- bananas are a favorite, and is now doing about 8 different sign language signs to communicate her needs. Goodbye nasty feeding pump! This is the "helper" we've had for the past 4 months. Although it's been useful, I'm not sorry to return it to the home health company...
Mya is a little jabber girl, she's got lots of little sounds, she often seems to be trying so hard to tell us sentances, it just makes no sense to us yet! So sweet, here's a little snip of her evening play.


Lindley Family said...

What great news! Praise the Lord!!! Love you, Jules. You're doing such an awesome job...

Carissalayla said...

I love that little girl! I am so glad that she is healthy and happy, many praises!

Tessa said...

I am so happy to see the tube gone. Mya has grown up so much and it sounds like you have a great daycare for her.Take care and have a wonderful holiday season.

Misses Monkey said...

God Bless! What a sweetheart! So glad everything has finally turned out good!! You guys certainly went thru a lot! You are right--this will be a good Thanksgiving!!

Shelle and Dan said...

Yay yay yay yay! What awesome news. This is the best early Christmas present ever!

Hilty Sprouts! said...

That is such wonderful news you guys! Hooray for Mya!

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jaime.ledger said...

That is wonderful news! Were they able to clear her on her heart too? God is good Julie!