Friday, October 23, 2009

Today we went back to have a check up on Mya's heart. This was a pivotal visit, as last time (over a month ago) our Cardiologist was concerned that the left side of her heart was still a bit enlarged and hadn't changed as much as is should have post surgery. At the time, Mya was still on pain medications, so we decided to wait another visit to see if any progress would be made. We were a little nervous going in today, as it could have meant more medication and more to deal with in a negative light. However, after an echocardiogram and xray, Mya's heart seems to be slightly improving. We are so thankful! Her xray also showed less fluid on her lungs, so we're able to take her off the current diaherretic medication she's been on. This means that we are finally off all meds, except the asprin she'll be taking for the rest of her life. They are also trying to help get her off the feeding tube, we're going to start decrease the water through the tube to see if she'll drink more thickened milk on her own. That would be so wonderful! We will all look forward to eliminating that nasty tube. Here is a picture of Mya and our Cardiologist. The whole team has become so important to our family, we're so thankful for their help! Our friend Jen has been watching Mya for the past few weeks. She's been great to take care of her, feeding tube and all. Mya really has a good time playing there, she really likes Morgan who is four, a sweet little friend!


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Hilty Sprouts! said...

That is so great you guys! Mya continues to amaze me!

Mark & Brittany Sawyer said...

A happy Uncle and Aunt are smiling, big smiles! We love you guys and miss Mya! Congrats!