Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Year Changes We've had a full month, between celebrating Christmas with family, work and keeping up with our growing little one. Mya now has 2 teeth (discovered Christmas Day), she's starting to eat cereal, and this past week she's been sitting by herself. Pretty soon she'll be asking me to help her fill out college applications! We also started day care weeks ago- it's been more of a challenge for us to get used to than Mya, she already has a few little friends. The best part of my working day is picking her up, nothing's better than her little smile! Tiegs Family Christmas- We hosted Rob's family on New Years Day for our celebration. We had a nice time and enjoyed the addition of Tim & Ryool, 2 exchange students who are living with Steve & Michelle this year.


Christi Mullet said...

Emily doesn't even have teeth yet! That's so exciting for you! Mya just gets cuter and cuter every day.

Sawyers said...

Great Vandal Look on Mya
I D A H O Idaho Idaho Go go go!

Love Grandma