Saturday, June 14, 2008

June Showers
This June has been the coldest on record, luckily we've benefited from several showers of gifts despite our cold, rainy weather. We've been incredibly blessed with so many wonderful things from friends, co-workers and family. Our close friends, Andrea & Kim hosted a shower for our west side family and friends. It was so nice to catch up with several people who I've not seen in awhile. Meanwhile, the boys were at home putting in our patio! Rob, Bob, Bryan and our neighbor, Randy, pulled together our lovely patio- check it out! Earlier this week I was also given a shower at work, Peggy my co-worker pulled it together and did a great job. They gave us an awesome stroller and many other gifts. I'm anxious to start running again when I can, and baby can now join me for some time outside in our cool Bob stroller! I've included a picture of our work team at a Mariner's game recently- they're so great! So, Baby's closet is officially ready for her to arrive- with lots of pink! We're still working on the finishing touches of her bedroom, more updates to come! She seems to be growing just fine, she's really active and is probably about 5lbs at this point. Only 5 more weeks (unless she's like her father, and then it'll be completely on her own time :) until we get to meet our little angel!

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